ADHD, Mood and Behavior Center

Merritt Hubsher, MD; Nanda Muthusawmy, MD; Michael Shugrue, LCSW; Kaitlyn Arent, LPC

Specialty: Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

Left to right: (back row) Merritt Hubsher, MD, Joshua Shifrin, PhD (front row) Kaitlyn Arent, LPC, Michael Shugrue, LCSW, Nanda Muthusawmy, MD

Drs. Merritt Hubsher and Nanda Muthusawmy and their exceptional team of clinicians provide children, adolescents, families and adults with comprehensive, state-of-the art, holistic treatment for their emotional, behavioral, academic, social and organizational struggles. Those include ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, DMDD, and bipolar, mood regulation and autism spectrum disorders. 

“We’re experts in our field who go the extra mile to help you, your child or your family,” says Dr. Hubsher, medical director of the Center. With Online Sessions also available, we are accessible from anywhere in NJ. Also, our Urgent Psych Care program schedules appointments within 48 hours, whenever possible. 

The clinical team includes psychiatrists, a neuropsychologist, therapists, learning and executive function skill coaches and IEP/ special education advocates, in order to provide individualized and effective treatment. 

ADHD, Mood and Behavior Center

210 Malapardis Rd., Ste. 205, Cedar Knolls

“My son is very smart but continually challenged with time management, organization, and especially academic confidence . He would often be overwhelmed in and outside of the classroom which affected his grades as well as his feelings about school in general. After working weekly with Kaitlyn, he is a different person and is more confident than ever. Kaitlyn is the most amazing, patient and skilled therapist imaginable. She’s changed our lives and that of our son.” – E.M., Wayne

“Dr. Hubsher is friendly, knowledgeable, punctual, overall very easy to be around and talk to.” – J.F., Livingston

“Dr. Hubsher listens to a multitude of issues, behaviors and side effects then adjusts medicines and dosages using his knowledge and experience. He is a skilled observer who sees and understands the challenges of the whole child.” – L.V., Bridgewater

“He is the first Dr. to ever really get me to understand what my child is experiencing. He is always looking for best solutions for us.” – C.H., Whitehouse Station

“Dr. M has helped our son successfully navigate his multiple diagnoses throughout high school. He is about to graduate with high honors, and will be going on to college in the fall. None of this would have been possible had we not had the support of Dr. M to help him understand and manage his behaviors.” – C.L., Madison

“Dr. M saw my daughter at a time when we were feeling lost. She has helped our family so much and we are so thankful! We have never had a psychiatrist who is as responsive and who goes above and beyond the way Dr. M does. Thank you!!!” – M.S., New Providence

“Mike is one of the only therapists my 17-year-old would open up to! He is straightforward, honest, easy to talk to and very kind. He truly cares!” – C.H., Whitehouse Station

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