Egg hunts and Easter events might be canceled due to coronavirus restrictions, but you can still celebrate at home with this fun plush and story. If you’re an Elf on the Shelf or Mensch on a Bench family (or even a Lazy Gnome underachiever), Peep on a Perch might be for you.

The book, written by Andrea Posner-Sanchez, and plush Easter Peep (yup, the famous chick-shaped marshmallow) teaches the kids how their good behavior gets passed on to the Easter Bunny. As the story goes, the Easter Peep helps the Big Hopper decorate eggs and fill baskets every year.

The Peep can also see all acts of kindness kids complete leading up to the holiday, so they’ll want to be on their best behavior—it just might score them an extra chocolate bunny or goodie-filled egg. The more kindness Peep sees, the happier Peep gets.

Unlike Elf on a Shelf, the Easter Peep can be touched, moved and cuddled by your little ones. But, as Fatherly pointed out, Peep’s leverage may be limited in comparison to the Elf that tattles to Santa Claus, considering good behavior in December scores them a boatload of gifts, as opposed to a few plastic eggs.

Nevertheless, most parents who tried Peep on a Perch last year loved it, according to five-star reviews of the product on Amazon.

Peep on a Perch is ideal for kids ages 3-7. It’s selling for about $17-22 at vendors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target. Oh, and our guess is this gift pairs best with Peeps (the edible kind!).

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