Wave Runner
Slide into summer with this eye-catching boogie board.
Marimekko for Target Body Board, Target. $24.48, target.com 

Swan Dive
These oversized, animal-inspired rafts are all the rage (and a ton of fun).
Giant Swan Inflatable Float Toy, Leslie’s Pool. $49.99, lesliespool.com

Under the Sea

She can make like her favorite Disney princess with a detachable mermaid fin.
Lil’Mer Fin, Chasing Fireflies. $40, chasing-fireflies.com

Splashing Jack
Take your round of Go Fish down the shore with these waterproof playing cards.
Hoyle Clear Plastic Playing Cards, Bicycle. $5.99, bicyclecards.com

Home Base
Sunburn becomes a thing of the past with a cotton tent that does double-duty at nap time.
Kids Tent, Handmade Island MV. $65, handmadeislandmv.etsy.com