Kintiroglou Pediatrics

Constantinos Kintiroglou, MD; John Kintiroglou, MD

Specialty: Pediatrics, Neonatology


From left to right: Drs. Lisa Pivawer, John Kintiroglou, Constantinos Kintiroglou, Elina Nachevnik

Founded in 1981, Kintiroglou Pediatrics has five board-certified pediatricians and one nurse practitioner who see children from infancy until they’re college bound. The practice is located in West Orange and Florham Park. “We’re a family-operated practice and strive to form close bonds with our families,”

says founder Dr. Constantinos Kintiroglou, known as “Dr. Kint,” who is also board-certified in neonatology and has special expertise in treating premature and NICU babies. His son, “Dr. John,” is proof of the adage that “the apple does not fall far from the tree.” Dr. John specializes in craniofacial asymmetry. 

Rounding out the practice are board-certified pediatricians Dr. Lisa Pivawer, Dr. Elina Nachevnik, Dr. Emily Eida, Dr. Joanna  Wnek and Lauren Kohlberg, NP.

 Dr. Kint is extremely thorough in his exams and takes his time. We never feel rushed. He is also very good with the kids and engages them in conversations.
~Suzanne, Rockaway

 Dr.  Kint is patient, kind, informative, genuine and relates exceptionally well to children. He gives thorough exams and you never feel rushed. He is knowledgeable and wonderful! ~Anna, Glen Ridge

 Dr. Kint takes the time needed with the patient to form an informed diagnosis and he never rushes. ~Amy, West Orange

 Dr. John treats my kids with lots of care. ~Maria, Jersey City 

 Dr. John goes above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and important during each appointment. Just very warm and down to earth. Best doctor I've ever experienced by far! ~Amanda, Budd Lake

 Dr. John is kind, patient and always treats my daughter and granddaughters with love and tenderness. Also incredibly proficient.  ~Heidi, Florham Park

 Dr. John truly cares about the kids, and he is super friendly and attentive. ~Vanessa, Livingston

 Dr. John's personal care makes kids comfortable and he is extremely thorough. ~Andrea, Kenvil

Kintiroglou Pediatrics

Constantinos Kintiroglou, MD; John Kintiroglou, MD
1500 Pleasant Valley Way, Ste. 301, West Orange; 973-243-0002
7 James St., Florham Park; 973-295-6226

This is an advertising profile from the December 2017 issue of New Jersey Family.