Ear, Nose and Throat Center of New Jersey

Oliver Youssef, MD

Specialty: Otolaryngology

Left to right: (Back row) Drs. Alan Goodman, Oliver Youssef, Laura Matlin. (Front row) Enid Rappaport, Jessica Sullivan, PA, Dr. Jan Youssef

Dr. Oliver Youssef and his brother, Dr. Jan Youssef, treat patients of all ages with cutting-edge techniques in the specialty of otolaryngology. With a focus on improving their patients’ quality of life, the practice offers a gentle, kind environment that keeps families and children at ease throughout the treatment process.

“Our motto is, ‘Every breath counts, every sound matters,’” says Dr. Oliver Youssef, a father of four. “Allowing children to breathe,sleep or hear better is life changing not only for the child, but for their parents.”

A Comfortable, Cutting-Edge Environment

A board-certififed otolaryngologist, Dr. Youssef treats conditions including snoring, sleep apnea, throat infections allergies, sinusitis, nose fractures, hearing loss, neck tumors and chronic ear infections. The practice includes an allergist, physician assistant and two audiologists.

“I feel truly blessed to be working with my brother. Together, we’ve built a practice with a comfortable and cutting-edge environment that achieves the best results for all ages,” says Dr. Youssef. Raised in New Jersey, he earned his MD at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School- UMDNJ, where he graduated at the top of his class, and completed his training at UMDNJ.

The Latest in ENT Technology

The all-digital office provides state-of-the-art surgical instrumentation in the operating room, such as pediatric endoscopes to see a child’s airway and a CT scanner with minimal radiation exposure. Coblation devices allow for less post operative pain and a quicker recovery, and balloon technology dilates a child’s sinus passageways in a minimally-invasive way.

“I treat each child as one of my own because I can relate to the anxiety of taking your child to the doctor or having to undergo surgery,” he says. “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient cured of their illness and able to lead a normal life again.”

Dr. Oliver Youssef always makes my grandchildren comfortable. So understanding and always available to answer any questions we might have. The staff is also great!
~Maria, Nutley

Ear, Nose and Throat Center of New Jersey

Oliver Youssef, MD
115 Franklin Ave., Nutley


This is an advertising profile from the December 2018 issue of New Jersey Family.