Before you welcome a new baby into your home, prepare your dog. Here are eight quick-and-easy tips to make the adjustment go smoothly.

1. Adjust Fido’s hang time

Since you will be spending most of your time with your new baby, help Fido adjust by spending less time with you now, before your baby’s arrival so that the change does not feel so drastic.

2. De-stress Fido

Try to foster a closer relationship between Fido and a different family member who will be less occupied by the baby, which will help to keep Fido from getting stressed from the detachment.

3. Neuter Fido

If Fido has not yet been neutered, be sure to do it before baby arrives, as it can be a quick fix to calm him.

4. Correct Fido

Address any behavioral problems that Fido has before the baby arrives; if Fido tends to nibble, work to direct his attention to different objects, so that he will be less likely to go after the baby, which Fido might see as a new toy/playmate.

5. Groom Fido

Get Fido accustomed to nail trims, as this can be dangerous around a new baby and Fido will need to have short nails after the baby is born; Fido will probably want to look his best when meeting the new baby, too!

6. Socialize Fido

Encourage friends with infants to visit your home, so that Fido can adjust to babies and baby-related noises; play recordings of a baby crying, or turn on the baby swing, so these types of movements and sounds become natural to Fido.

7. Limit Fido

Install baby gates before the baby arrives, so Fido can begin to learn the limits of where he can roam within the house.

8. Put Fido on all fours

Carry around a swaddled baby doll, to get the pet used to something (other than himself) being carried around in your arms.

Tips courtesy of Heidi Ganahl of Camp Bow Wow.