All photos are courtesy of respective manufacturers.


IN YOUR DREAMS Your tween will keep her eye on the prize each time she peers into this plush.
Magic Crystal Ball Pillow, Justina Blakeney. $39.50,



COMO SE LLAMA This cuddle buddy boasts a vibrant saddle and adorable all-over faux fur.
Furry Llama Pillow, Urban Outfitters. $49,



CUTIE FRUITY A pop of summer sweetness gives off a happy vibe all year.
Watermelon Pillow, Crate&kids. $19,



STAY SHARP Her prickly playmate is smooth around the edges and totally huggable.
Green Catalina Cactus Pillow, Kirkland’s. $39.99,


GAME ON He’ll chillax in style while tearing up the Fortnite battlefield.
Game Controller Throw Pillow, Pillowfort. $16.99,



ROBO PLUSH This gear-eyed guy wears his heart on his armor.
Roboto Throw Pillow, Laura Hart Kids. $29.99,