Before you hit the shore or pool this weekend, spend a few bucks on a toy to make splash time even more awesome. Here are five you won’t want to miss.


X Marks the Spot


Calling all pirates! This floating treasure chest is perfect for your Jack Sparrow in training. Filled with coins and gems that sink to the bottom, kids can practice their diving skills as they retrieve the booty and return it to the chest. Add other sinkable items to the mix or play with a time limit to switch things up.
Maritime Mates Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Toy; $16.99; Melissa and Doug


Layup as You Lay Out


Pool deck basketball hoops are often bulky heavy. This portable option lets you bring the game to any pool or beach (or even dry land). The inflatable hoop fills with water at the base for stability,  and the ball is light enough for the little ones to give it their best shot. Try other foam balls or set up multiple hoops to transform the pool into a top-notch aqua-basketball court!
Floating Hoops Basketball Game; $10.30;


A-MAZE-ing Rings


Just think of all the mazes and obstacle courses you can create with these awesome underwater rings. The rings contain collapsible air chambers, which allow them to function at any depth. Create a challenging, multi-level course, or aim torpedo toys through the rings for a fun alternative.
Swim Thru Rings; $29.89;


Math Toss


Kiddie-pool friendly and easy to set up, this frog-themed game is perfect for a wide range of swimming ages and abilities. Focus on the basics and just throw the frogs onto the targets with your little one, or make it a numbers game for a summer math challenge.
Froggy Lily Pad Toss; $19.99; Melissa & Doug


Float and Fly


Young aviators can manually control this cool plane from the pool deck, lawn or water’s edge (yes, it's completely waterproof). A new take on a classic remote-control toy (though this one is not), this particular plane is eco-friendly (made from recycled milk jugs!) and BPA-free.
Green Toys Seaplane; $16.69;