Have tons of Halloween candy lying around you're itching to get rid of? Here's five recipes to try with the kids rather than throwing it all away.

Almond Joy Crescent Rolls

Whether you’re looking for comfort food or are treating your kids to candy for breakfast, these crescent rolls will bring your day plenty of sweetness.

Full recipe at: crazyforcrust.com

Homemade Candy Lollipops

These tasty (and pretty)  pops are perfect for any holiday and  for getting rid of any extra mini candies–like mini M&Ms, chocolate chips or Reese’s Pieces or even extra sprinkles. Thanks to the clear coating, they also look really pretty.

Full recipe at: justataste.com

Kit Kat Cookies

You can get rid of any (or all!) of your spare Halloween candy with this simple cookie recipe. Just pick your choice of candy to throw into the batter. They suggest kit kats, but any fave bars will do.

Full recipe at: crazyforcrust.com

Brownie Owl Treats

Get creative with your brownies and leftover candy corn treats. All you need to do is make regular brownies and add oreos, peanut butter cups and candy corn to get the owl shape.

Full recipe at: pinkwhen.com

Harvest Trail Mix

Sweeten up your kids typical trail mix with your pick of leftover candy. We suggest candy corn, M&Ms or any other tiny chocolate treat.

Full recipe at: thehouseofhendrix.com

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