Emily in Paris

Now that we’re firmly into fall, I’ve been doing all the fall things with the twins – pumpkin picking, caramel apple-making and leaf collecting. At the end of the day, there are some fun activities for me including making soup (isn’t there something kind of meditative about chopping vegetables?), taking baths and of course binge-watching Netflix. With the sun setting earlier we could all use a few things to make staying in a little bit more fun. Read on for this week’s suggestions!

  1. Emily in Paris– Like savoring a glass of champagne, I made myself watch only one episode of this Netflix show a night (OK, sometimes two). Although the story of Emily, who’s transferred from her marketing firm in Chicago to the City of Lights without speaking a word of French may be unrealistic, who cares? You’ll get to live vicariously through the fashion, the food, the sights and Emily’s flirtations with the love interest Gabriel (Lucas Bravo – ooh la la!). Stream now on Netflix.

  2. Fancy keys – You guys, my son got his own housekey this year (ahh!) and when we went to get a copy of mine made for him we were overwhelmed by the array of different designs you could get on your key. He went with a panda, but I kind of liked a black key with flames on it. And to think when I was a kid you were just happy to get one of those rubber, colored-coded key covers! (Would it be weird if I copied my own key so I could have that cool flame design for myself?) Available for $3 at Ace Hardware.

  3. Dr. Teal’s foaming bath with lavender – I always love taking baths and if it’s not usually your thing, fall is a great time to start (and couldn’t we all use a little stress relief during a pandemic?) This drugstore find makes seriously lush bubbles that last and a subtle scent of lavender will leave you totally relaxed and ready for sleep. ($4.99, Amazon)

  4. Rachael Ray’s Green Minestrone – I’ve been making this recipe for years but recently tried it out on my kids – and they ate it! With every green veggie under the sun (I used zucchini, green beans, celery, spinach) it’s chock full of nutrition. I substitute hot turkey sausage (removed from its casing) for the pancetta, but I know it’s the cup of pasta that help the little ones buy-in. Three cheers for making one dinner – in one pot! – that everyone will eat (and that’s actually good for you!). Recipe at rachaelray.com

  5. Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II Zebra Tight – Once I tried Athleta’s Powervita fabric (it’s so buttery-soft you’ll actually look forward to wearing it and even working out?) I knew my Old Navy leggings were getting relegated to the back of the drawer. The zebra pattern on these tights is fun but still neutral enough to not feel too wild. Who cares if no one can see me working out alone in the spare bedroom? Look good, feel good, amiright?? Order them now for $98 at Athleta.com.