Now that it’s officially November, I’ve been focusing on ways to make things cozy at home. From some scented candles that helped me reminisce about vacations past (remember vacations?) and a book from a TV show called The Home Edit that I’ve been binge-watching (why is it fascinating to watch other people have their closet cleaned out? I’m not sure but I still love it) it’s all about nesting. That isn’t to say that we should all become total homebodies, though. The hubs and I went out on an actual date night (!) and the activity we did (that’s right, activity) just might be my new obsession. Read on for my recs!

The Home Edit Life by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin
On their hit Netflix show, Clea and Joanna sort, edit and go crazy at The Container Store making people’s closets, garages and pantries look uber-organized and beautiful. Ok, so I may never label a box in my garage with a decal that says “lightbulbs” in fancy script, but the book is fun to look at and if I can even do 10 percent of it, I know my life would be slightly less chaotic. $28.50, amazon

Homesick Candles
 I’ve been wanting to try these handmade candles for a while now and they did not disappoint! With scents to evoke faraway places, you can light a candle that will take you back to your home state, your last vacation or just a destination you’ve been dreaming about. My Hawaii candle is currently transporting me to a vacation the hubs and I took pre-twins and the Book Club candle, with notes of warm nutmeg, amber and sandalwood is taking me back to another pastime that’s rare these days – the chance to curl up with a good novel, uninterrupted. $34,

Sweater Pants
“I’ve never seen pants like that,” my husband commented. “Are those – a sweater?” While sweater pants may confound the uninitiated, for me they’re the next logical step in loungewear. Just a bit more elevated than sitting around in your flannel pj’s all day, sweater pants are both stylish and cozy, like a warm cuddle for your legs on a chilly day. This pair from Target looks great in the oatmeal color, so of course, I had to get the matching top, too. $24.99, Target

Whiskware Dressing Shaker
Sometimes a product comes along that makes me rethink how I was doing a daily chore. Every night, I make a salad and mix up a simple dressing of EVOO, lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and kosher salt. With this cute carafe, I can make a whole bunch of dressing all at once (hits self in forehead for not thinking of this sooner) and the patented BlenderBall makes sure all my ingredients are well-mixed. $14.99,

Amazing Escape Room

Escape Room Fun
When the hubs and I do get a chance to go out on a date night, it’s normally to the nearest bar for drinks and then dinner. While that is always great and a real treat, I’ve also heard that doing an actual activity together does more to keep you excited and connected (then say, shoveling appetizers into your mouths, which in my book is pretty sexy, too). This was our first time doing an escape room and trying to solve the Speakeasy room at Amazing Escape room in Princeton was one of the most fun things we’ve done together since even before quarantine. We ran around this room trying to solve puzzles together, our adrenaline pumping and truly working as a team. In the end, we failed the mission, but to us, it was a big win! Prices vary by experience at Amazing Escape Room, various locations in NJ