All photos courtesy of respective manufacturers.


NAME GAME These labels are waterproof, UV resistant and come in a bunch of sizes.
Sleepaway Camp Label Pack, Mabel’s Labels. $39.95,


CARRY ON Lugging their stuff to the shower just got a lot easier with this roomy caddy.
Blue & Green Flexible Shower Basket, Casabella. $9.99,


GOOD, CLEAN FUN Keep clothes off bunks and the cabin floor all summer long.
Washer Graphic Hamper, Honey-Can-Do. $25.99,


SMELL THE ROSES There’s no shortage of space for all her essentials in this pretty carryall.
Emily & Meritt Bed of Roses Duffle, PB Teen. $79.50,


CHILL OUT This clip-on fan (perfect for over the bed) has a USB port, rechargeable battery and 360-degree rotation.
Portable Fan, Oct17. $24.99,