There’s a lot to think about and remember when it comes to packing for sleepaway camp. These products will make the experience smooth and easy.

STICK IT TO ’EM Keep track of everything from socks to shampoo with handy iron-on or peel-and-stick labels.
Camp Label Pack, Sticky MonkeyLabels. $29,

SHINE ON Nighttime walks to the s’mores pit just got a whole lot brighter.
TIKKID Headlamp, Petzl. $24.95,

TOTALLY FLASHBACK This retro bag will keep them stylish all summer.
AlphaOmega Classic Retro Stripes Duffle Bag, Society6. $50-86,

MOUNTAINS MAJESTY Sturdy handles make it easy to tote stinky laundry.
Multi-Purpose Hamper in Adventure Print, Honey-Can-Do. $25.99,

CHILL OUT Stay cool with this rechargeable, high-speed fan that clips onto their desk or bunk.
Battery Operated Clip-On Mini Desk Fan, SkyGenius. $21.99,

SLEEP ON IT No AC in the cabin? Moisture-wicking tech will keep them cool and dry through the most humid of nights.
Mattress Topper, MemoryLOFT. $99.95,

SQUEAKY CLEAN Hit the shower with everything in this carry-all.
Classic Shower Caddy, PB Teen. $29,

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