Memory Milestones

Make the walk into the house extra special with this timeline of amazing through-the-years portraits. Print out your favorite pictures from each grade (school pics are perfect) and attach them to garden spikes lining the driveway.
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Preschool Time Capsule

Have your party guests write notes (or maybe even bring a small trinket) to the festivities, and then "lock" them up in a little box (even a shoebox is fine) and clearly mark that it shouldn't be opened until their high school commencement.
Great Idea From: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Future So Bright Shades

Grab some cheap shades at your local dollar store, print out this sign and display adorably as part of a gift for all the guests as they arrive. No craft ability needed! We'd suggest blasting the classic Timbuk3 song and really get the party started.
Great Idea From: Time2Partay

Floating Memories

Make balloons more than just decorations in the corner. Tie pictures or mementos to the ends of helium balloon strings and fill a room for your guests to wander through.
Great Idea From: StudioDIY 

Hats Off

Give your guests easy access to cupcakes with this cleverly decorated cake stand topped with a life-like graduation cap. We especially love the matching fringe around the bottom. Easily made (in your school colors) with some paper, trim and a glue gun.
Great Idea From: One Simple Bliss 

Paper Party Lights

Make a few improvements to store-bought lanterns: Just grab some cardboard,, construction paper and ribbon to create these make adorable grad-o-lanterns.
Great Idea From: KarasPartyIdeas 

Cap Cupcakes 

Little graduates will love these too-pretty-to-eat cupcakes; you’ll love how easy they were to make! Bake some cupcakes, frost them, place an inverted Reese’s cup on top, then an upside down Ghirardelli chocolate on top of that (use frosting as glue); add an M&M and some cut up fruit roll ups as a tassel, and there you have it; a batch of graduating cupcakes for your sweet little graduate! 
Great Idea From: Passion for Parties 

College Try

Give the kids something awesome to take to school with them. Order a tee from their soon-to-be university, grab some sharpies and let their friends and family sign their shirt with well-wishes for the future.
Great Idea From: Work in Progress Kits