There’s a ton to think about before baby arrives, let alone after. These five products and gadgets are perfect for new moms. Be sure to have these in your arsenal for once baby arrives—they’re real life-savers.

New Moms

HULK MASH Cut back on dishes with an all-in-one bowl, masher and spoon.
Garden Fresh Mash N’ Feed, Nuby. $7.99,

New Moms
Baby Shusher

ON THE HUSH Mimic a human voice with rhythmic, soothing shushing.
Sleep Miracle Soother, Baby Shusher. $34.99,

New Moms

SOCK ‘N’ ROLL New moms breathe easy with this smart sock that’ll monitor his heart rate and sleep via an app.
Smart Sock 2, Owlet. $199.99,

New Moms

CARRY ON Keep baby snug with magnets instead of buckles.
The CUDL, Nuna. $199.95,


MOVE ALONG This combo stroller and car seat has integrated wheels that make switching a snap.
Doona Infant Car Seat, Doona. $499,

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