Does one of your kids have a Halloween party coming up? Try out one of these ghoulish (and easy-to-make) recipes that they can actually help you make. 

Eyeball Cookies

All you need to do is sort your sugar cookie dough into separate mixing bowls and add food coloring. Then stick on as many store-bought eyeball candies as you want.

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Twinkie Mummies

Start by freezing the twinkies for 30 minutes then melt white chocolate chips to cover the pastry. Drizzle icing and add googly eyes for the final touches.

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Vampire Cookie Sandwiches

Spread thin layers of red icing on the bottom of two chocolate chip cookies. Then put a handful of marshmallows in between for the teeth and add two almond slivers for that Dracula-look.

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Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

Use pumpkin puree, cream cheese and eggs to fill criss-crossing pie crust squares. Add store-bought eyes to add an extra scare factor.

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Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Put a creepy-crawly twist on the average cookie by topping it with a mini peanut butter cup. Melt chocolate chips to make the legs and add some freaky eyes.

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