Looking for some new ideas for Halloween? Here are four fun ones, all using duct tape:

1. Jack O'Lanterns

Are you adverse to using a knife and carving a Jack O'Lantern? Duct tape is a sturdy and expressive alternative for creating a memorable pumpkin with no carving is required. Basic black tape can be used to mimic a classic Jack O'Lantern face, or make something more creative by using colored tape for a witch, mummy, or haunted house scene.

2. Trick-or-Treat Bag

Looking for something fun for carrying your kids' Halloween loot? Follow these directions to make a candy corn trick-or-treat bag (shown in photo, from Duck Tape)

3. Halloween Bats

Make your home Halloween spooky with these bat decorations.

4. Halloween costumes

Duct tape can be used to make a variety of costumes such as a skeleton, princess ball gown, or silver robot.

And on a safety note, don't forget to add reflective tape to costumes when you're out on Halloween night! Share your duct tape creations!