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Looking for an awesome way to celebrate the next step for your kids? These DIY ideas will make their day extra special. 

Autographs, Please

Give your kid (or the whole class) something classmates can sign for an unforgettable keepsake. Think a white stuffed animal, plain T-shirt, journal or beach ball. Don’t forget a sharpie!

Picture This 

Blow up pictures of him from kindergarten to fifth or eighth grade to show his big transition to middle or high school. Line the walkway to the front door or tie them to balloons so people can see how stinkin’ adorable he was in first grade. Think your kid won’t love all the fanfare? Make a photo book instead.  

Get Sappy  

Any moving up ceremony is bound to make you a little emotional—how did your baby grow up so fast?  Now’s the perfect time to write her sweet notes about how much you love being her parent and what’s made you proud over the years. Add a few of your favorite quotes or pick up a book you love and add a heartfelt inscription. She may roll her eyes now, but she’ll treasure every last word when she’s older (and so will you!).  

Party Time 

Throw a big backyard bash—this idea never gets old! Look for cute DIYs on our Pinterest page, like adorable grad cap cupcakes, personalized water bottles, memory jars, advice cards and more fun stuff to inspire you.