Kids love exploring fall foliage, and nothing delights them more than being able to save and enjoy a few of their favorite autumn leaves. Here are a few ways to help them hold on to autumn:

1. Decoupage leaves

This project requires a few leaves, card stock or construction paper, scissors, and decoupage glue (such as Mod-Podge). To decoupage a leaf all you need to do is use regular glue to stick the leaf to a piece of card stock or construction paper, and then use a paintbrush to paint decoupage glue on top of the leaf. Once dry, cut and save. Autumn leaves also look beautiful when used to make a decoupaged pumpkin like this one from Better Homes & Gardens (shown in image).

2. Press leaves

This project requires flat leaves (you can press them between newspaper, and then just put a few heavy books on top, or use a press), wax paper, scissors, and an iron. Cut two sheets of wax paper and arrange the leaves on one piece of the wax paper, and place the second piece of wax paper on top. Use a warm—not hot—iron to seal the two pieces of wax paper together by pressing the iron over the top piece for just a few seconds. Cut out in the shape of a leaf, or cut into a rectangle to make a great bookmark. You can also preserve leaves between two pieces of clear contact paper for a similar result, no ironing required.

3. Create a nature picture

This project can be done by simply gluing your nature discoveries onto a piece of heavy paper or cardboard. Or, another fun way to do this is to let kids press their finds onto a piece of sticky craft paper. This is perfect too if you want to do the craft while still out in nature—the kids can simply peel the backing off the paper, and start sticking! Leaves, small branches and flowers all work well. Please note, this project won't last more than a week or so unless you add a layer of decoupage glue to the top.

4. Make a leaf etching

This project just requires leaves, paper, glue, and crayons. Glue the leaves to a piece of paper, and put a second piece of paper on top. (You can also seal the leaves in clear contact paper, making it possible to do this craft again and again). Start rubbing! You can use the tip or the side of the crayon; kids will be amazed by all the leaf detail that is revealed.

Please note decoupage glue does not wash out of clothes, so make sure everyone is dressed for mess and enjoy!

What's your favorite autumn craft? Let us know!