Summer break used to mean fun in the sun for many students, but the high cost of college tuition means many teens must keep their noses to the grindstone after classes have ended. The problem is actually finding work when you only have three or four months to spare.

With any luck, a school-year job may transition into full-time work, but that's a rarity. So how do you keep some cash coming in when jobs are few and far between?

Here are 30 ways older teens and college students can seek and generate income (kids may need to be at least 18 years old for some of these jobs).

  1. Car wash and auto-detail technician
  2. Security guard
  3. Summer camp counselor
  4. Lifeguard
  5. Peace Corps worker
  6. Deck waterproofer
  7. Repair bicycles
  8. Poop scooper
  9. Amusement park carnie
  10. Mow lawns
  11. Landscape
  12. Ranch hand
  13. Farm worker
  14. Computer troubleshooter
  15. Pet sitter
  16. Cruise worker
  17. Nanny or mother's helper
  18. Caddy
  19. Paint houses
  20. Sell gift cards online
  21. Intern or office temp
  22. Sports stadium and event concessionaire
  23. Wordpress blog creator
  24. Musical accompanist
  25. Music tutor
  26. Clean gutters
  27. Run Errands
  28. Walk Dogs
  29. Check on neighbor's house while they're away
  30. Weed gardens

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