Sanity Saver Tip #1
Bring a camera for the kids to use when you travel! You’ll have memories captured and the kids entertained at the same time.

Sanity Saver Tip #2
If you’re traveling and you sense a meltdown is coming: hand the child your iPad.

Sanity Saver Tip #3
When dining with a picky eater, always bring back-up-food.

Sanity Saver Tip #4
Never underestimate how long your child can be amused with a well-chosen toy. Good picks are cars with lots of moving parts and dolls with multiple outfits and accessories.

Sanity Saver Tip #5
The mention of a trip to the ice cream parlor in the not so distant future can bring a sudden onset of good behavior.

Sanity Saver Tip #6
If possible, schedule visits to crowded attractions on less popular days and at off-peak hours.

Sanity Saver Tip #7
Must-haves for summer outings: a full package of baby wipes, Band-Aids, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, tissues, and hand sanitizer. For added fun, bring: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a ball, and a jump rope.

crackersSanity Saver Tip #8
When you go out to eat at a restaurant, make sure the kids are hungry and have already run around enough that they will be more than happy to sit down and munch on some crackers while waiting for their food.

Sanity Saver Tip #9
Before a long car trip, bring a new, wrapped gift for your child. You’ll get at least a few minutes, and maybe more, of peace. Here's some great ideas for kids gear and toys to take on your next road trip.

Sanity Saver Tip #10
Do everything you can beforehand – buy and print out admission tickets, read restaurant menus online so you know what to order, make sure you understand driving directions, and that you know where to park.

Sanity Saver Tip #11
When you place your order at a restaurant, immediately request extra napkins, more bread, lids for the kids’ drinks… and the check.

Sanity Saver Tip #12
Always bring a change of clothes, no matter your child’s age. While you’re at it, add one for yourself.

Sanity Saver Tip #13
Look beyond the kids menu! Two kids can split an entrée or order their own appetizer, and oftentimes this strategy means they can make a more nutritious choice, too.

Sanity Saver Tip #14
Everything is better with friends. Whether it’s to a park, to the beach, or out to breakfast, another family with similar-age kids can make the outing lots more fun for everyone.

Sanity Saver Tip #15
Dress alike and in bright colors if you want to be able to easily spot your group in a crowd.

Sanity Saver Tip #16
When meeting other small children for an outdoor play date or going to the playground, bring snacks and drinks to share with playmates.

Sanity Saver Tip #17
Try not to rush. When you plan a day at the beach or an amusement park, leave early and don’t make plans you’ll need to be back for that night.

Sanity Saver Tip #18
Never underestimate the joy of running through a backyard sprinkler.

Sanity Saver Tip #19
You don’t need to take a BIG family outing to make a BIG family memory. Sometimes it’s the small things that are enjoyed – and remembered – the most.

Sanity Saver Tip #20
Bring reading materials for you, because eventually there will be a moment of quiet.


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