It's officially autumn, and the perfect time to enjoy the fall color and foliage crafts with your kids. Here are two easy and fun ones that work for all ages – younger kids will just need a little more help to create the projects.

Handprint Tree

This fun craft is great for even the littlest kids, who can do it with help, or older kids who can do it on their own.

You'll need paper and paint or markers.

First, have the child make the tree with their arm and hand. You can either paint the child's palm and forearm  then press it onto the paper to make the tree, or for a paint-free option you can trace around the child's arm and hand and then color it in with marker or crayon.

Let the tree dry, then add the leaves. We used a sponge and watercolors (pictured) or you could also glue on real leaves you collect from outside, add sticker leaves, or draw leaves with markers and crayons.

My daughter added a squirrel and a hollow to the tree, too.

Leaf Prints

For this project you'll need paint, a leaf, bubble wrap and construction paper.

First, have your child go and find a favorite leaf or two. Make sure they're soft, not dry, or they might crack during printing.

Put the leaf on the bubble wrap with the "back" of the leaf facing up, and then paint the whole thing.

Once both the bubble wrap and leaf are fully covered in paint, flip it over and press down on the construction paper. Remove, and you'll see your print!

You can also do this project by painting leaves and then pressing them on paper, no bubble wrap required.

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