You know how tweens and teens are: Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than asking, “how was your day?” to get an eye-roll or a sigh. What our kids don’t know? Just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean we’re going to stop. We asked our readers to tell us what grinds their adolescents’ gears more than anything. Here are our fave responses:

  1. "You're old enough to make it yourself."
  2. "No."
  3. "That’s what you’re wearing?"
  4. "Did you finish your homework?"
  5. "No. You can’t have the iPhone XS Max."
  6. "How was school today?"
  7. "Lights out. Hand over the phone."
  8. "Are you wearing deodorant?"
  9. "You're welcome."
  10. "Did you hear me?! What did I just say?!"
  11. "Because I said so." 
  12. "Put it on your birthday list."
  13. "That's not music."
  14. "Bring me the dishes from your room"
  15. "When I was your age…"