Fingerprint Keychains

With this easy keychain, mom can carry a little piece of you with her everywhere she goes. Just use Sculpey clay (any favorite color is great), use a cookie cutter to make the heart shape, and then press a finger print in the middle. Poke a hole in the clay before baking in the oven.

Great Idea From: A Girl and a Glue Gun


Mother's Day Newspaper

Make your mom front page news with this customized newspaper with details about her and hand-drawn pictures. Easy and adorable.

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Shadow Photos

Cut out hearts or words (her name might be cool) in cardboard. Be careful if you use an exacto knife. Then have the kids hold the words upside down and backwards to create cool reverse images on the ground. Print on a card, or put in a frame to make mom extra happy.

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DIY Jewelry Dish

Mom will always want to display some of your artwork, but this cute dish is practical as well as uniquely you. Grab some polymer clay, and roll it out into long "snakes". Coil them around each other, flatten them out with a rolling pin, shape and then bake! Use your mom's fave colors and she's sure to adore it.

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Mason Jar Vase

All you will need is a mason jar, chalkboard spray paint, and chalk marker (or regular chalk). Paint the mason jar with the chalkboard spray paint, let it dry and then write mom a message with the chalk marker.

Great Idea From: We Heart Parties

Jam Butter

Jazz up breakfast in bed for your mom with these delicious homemade Jam brothers. Pick her favorite flavor fruit and make her a custom spread. The instructions on how to create this colorful treat are here:

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Cupcake Flowers

Give mom some flowers that will last and make her smile for the whole year round. All you need is cupcake wrappers and some colorful straws. Use a hole puncher to make a hole into the cupcake wrappers to then carefully slide into the straw. The fun part is getting to form the wrappers which ever way you want to make it look like a carnation. Once the shape is formed, glue the wrappers onto the straw and fix the form to get your desired design.

Great Idea From: PintSizedTreasures 

Love Jar

Show mom the love with this “10 Things I Love About You” Jar filled with adoration. Add a bow on it and watch her face light up. Put some coupons in for free hugs and you are totally set.

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Body Scrub

Mom's could use a little pampering, and this one won't cost a fortune. The ingredients call for 2½ cups of raw sugar, ¾ cup of granulated white sugar,  4-5 tablespoons of vanilla extract (or get fancy and use coconut, almond, or orange extract), and ¼ cup of almond oil. Mix these ingredients together, put it in a jar a container with a bow and you've got a gift she'll want to use.

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Movie Night With Mom

Give your mom a movie night (pick one her favorites). Make it extra fancy with some movie theater snacks, popcorn and printing out a special movie ticket!  

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Love Letter

Mom's love to look at pictures you. Trust us! Take a big wooden block with their initial, print out pics and glue on the letter with some mod podge.

Great Idea From: SometimesCreative

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