You don’t want to deliver early, because your baby needs those days to develop. Whenever possible, the full 39 weeks is absolutely the best thing for your baby. But when you’re overdue … all bets are off! Couples have tried everything under the sun to hurry up labor. If you’re past your due date, here are 10 ways to give it a go:

1. Get Moving: Walking helps move the baby into position and has long been a way to jumpstart the delivery process.

2. Get Sexy: Sperm contains hormones called prostaglandins that can thin and dilate the cervix—getting it ready for delivery.

3. Get Spicy: Some people believe spicy food can irritate your intestines and cause your uterus to contract.

4. Get Relaxed: It might seem counterintuitive, but massage can actually increase your oxytocin and help bring on the contractions.

5. Get Poked: Some women turn to acupuncture to stimulate the baby to move.

6. Get Freaky: Nipple stimulation also increases oxytocin in the body.

7. Get Oily: It may taste disgusting, but a swig of the laxative Castor Oil can stimulate the bowels and, in turn, the uterus. Evening Primrose Oil has also been known to thin and dilate the cervix.

8. Get Jiggy With It: Women have been known to dance, shake, and shimmy their way to a speedy delivery.

9. Get On the Road: Go for a nice long ride in the car and don't avoid all the big bumps.

10. Get Laughing: Put on your favorite funny movie and laugh until your water breaks. Tom Hanks in The ’Burbs did the trick for us!


Scott Neumyer is a New Jersey publicist and freelance writer for,, and other online sites. His daughter is 3 years old.