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Your 2017 Workout Plan

These trends put a twist on your favorite fitness classes.


Did you make a slew of resolutions to lose weight or get in shape? These trends put a twist on your favorite fitness classes.


Combine your usual Namaste routine with an extra dose of deep relaxation. Meditative yoga guides you with step-by-step instruction throughout the class. “More students are interested in meditation, even those who haven’t tried meditating in the past or had always thought it wasn’t for them,” says Rachel Vassak, owner of Flow Yoga Studio in Ho-Ho-Kus. “It’s no longer about working out as a chore to build muscle and look good. It’s about how we can build strength while taking care of our whole self.”

Where to Try It:
Flow Yoga Studio, 22 Hollywood Ave., Ste. 4, Ho-Ho-Kus, 201-445-4245. flowyoganj.com
Art of Living: Meditation and Yoga Studio, 189 Brunswick St., Fl. 1, Jersey City, 201-779-2010. artofliving.org


There’s been a huge shift toward relying only on your body weight if your goal is to tone. “Traditional strength training typically involves using free weights and dumb bells, but current trends are shifting toward building long and lean muscles instead of bulking up,” says Claudia Aarts-Schreiber, owner of ChaiseFitness, which opens in Madison this month. The best part? A low-impact workout gives you results with a lower risk of injury.

Where to Try It:

ChaiseFitness, 132 Main St., Madison. chaisefitness.com
Sphericality, 124 Main St., Flemington, 908-376-1422. sphericality.com


This year, expect to see a bigger push toward proper form and incorporating light free weights into your workout. “We’ve been seeing a focus on simple compound movements like squats with lighter weights recently,” says Sergei Karaliou, head trainer and co-owner of Underground Gym in Red Bank. “Every single movement needs to be done correctly, even if it’s something as simple as pulling or pushing. If you’re just starting to get back in shape, begin with pushing yourself to about 85 percent starting with your own body weight so you avoid injuries.”

Where to Try It:
Underground Gym, 46 Newman Springs Rd., Red Bank, 732-345-8087. undergroundgym.com
Apollon Gym, 160 Talmadge Rd., Edison, 732-985-8576. apollongymnj.com


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) gives you a full-body workout by combining intense periods of exercise with short recovery periods so you can burn more calories and fat in less time. “Everything about it is really on trend right now,” says Adrienne Felder, the owner of Architect Studios in Montclair. “Exercises like burpees and mountain climbers are some examples of total body weight movements done in intervals for about 45 minutes.”

Where to Try It:

D&I Fitness, 9 W. South Orange Ave., South Orange, 973-821-5757. dandifitness.com
Architect Studios, 208 Glenridge Ave., Montclair, 973-233-0300. www.arcstu.com

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