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UPDATE! Water Park Game-changer Aquatopia Opens in Just Over a Month. Check Out the Progress!

We were excited about Aquatopia when we got our first glimpse, now that its almost done, we're even more impressed!


Earlier this month we put on a hard hat and got an in-progress, sneak peek at Aquatopia – the new world-class, gigantic water park opening at Camelback resort in the Poconos next month. Official opening day is April 24, and the construction crew will be working down to the wire the get it ready for the spotlight. But the rides! They’re all emerging.

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Ready to Hang 10? Catch a wave on their Flow Rider which will give you a chance to experience surfing year-round.

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See those white posts? They'll soon become stools for the adult swim-up bar. See, this place is NOT just for the kids.

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So many slides! We're having a hard time deciding which we'll go on first, but the Storm Chaser water coaster (in shades of blue) is definitely at the top of our list.

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The play place may not look like much now, but once the water gets pumping, those clocks will count down to that big container on top dumping water all over passersby.

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This maze of slides has us tingling with excitement. The red, yellow, green, blue and white one is a twisting rainbow known as the Himalayan - a head-first mat slide. The small blue and purple one hiding in the left corner is the Outa-Space Race body slide. The white and blue one (that looks like Elsa made it) is the Constrictor - a one or two person raft slide that gets wide and really narrow at some points. And the big green slide, is the Venus Slydetrap - a huge family raft slide.  

Macintosh HD:Users:liz:Pictures:iPhoto Library.photolibrary:Masters:2015:03:09:20150309-143723:IMG_7028.jpg

This isn’t part of the water park, but it is part of the connected Camelback Lodge – it's the view from the new ballroom. Gorgeous!

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