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Today’s the Winter Solstice, What Does That Mean For NJ?

Break out your turtlenecks, Midwinter is coming.


Credit: ©istockphoto.com / sborisov


Today marks another Winter Solstice, but what does that really mean? Thanks to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, if you live north of the equator today is the shortest day of 2017 for you. For New Jerseyans, that means about nine hours of daylight.

And while the days get slowly longer going towards summer, it also means colder temperatures are on the way—specifically, in January. Due to seasonal lag (the planet isn’t receiving as much heat as is leaving), the Earth will begin to get colder after today’s Yuletide. So break out your thickest gloves and heaviest scarves because winter is coming.

On the upside, today’s Midwinter means the days will become longer beginning Friday, so your dreams of relaxing on the Jersey Shore aren’t too far off.

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