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Tips for Building a Better Lunchbox

Tired of the same sandwich every day? Here are some great ways to make sure she's eating a healthy lunch.


© iStockphoto.com/JackJelly

 © iStockphoto.com/JackJelly​​

•  Mix fruits and veggies in one container, says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. That way, some sweetness from the fruit rubs onto the veggies, which means your kids may be more likely to eat their vegetables. Try sliced baby carrots with raisins or dried cranberries.

•  Create a smarter sandwich with whole grain pita, English muffins and tortillas. Swap cheese or mayo for avocado or hummus, says the American Heart Association.

•  Use leftovers. Grilled chicken acts as lunch meat. Pack tomato, veggie or bean soup or vegetarian chili in a thermos. 

•  Jazz up her water bottle. If your kid isn’t a fan of drinking water, add a few pieces of her favorite fruit to sweeten it up.

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