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13 Things Never to Say to A Single Parent

When chatting to your single parent friends -- please, please don’t say any of these things.


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When chatting to your single parent friends -- please, please don’t say any of these things.


1. “You aren't a REAL single parent-- you share custody with your ex.”

2. “I'd love to have nights off from my kids like you do.”

3. “You must get so much done when your kid is at her dad's.”

4. “We had trouble in our marriage too, but we tried a little harder and made it work.”

5. “Your ex seems so nice, and you get along. I don't understand why you split up.”

6. “Do you think you and your ex would ever get back together?” (Double rudeness points if there is a new spouse/significant other in the picture).

7. “My husband works so much, it's just like I'm a single mom.”

8. “I'd love for you to be in my wedding, but kids aren’t allowed.”

9. “Oh, you work? Don't you get alimony?” and it’s evil twin: “You’re having trouble making ends meet? Aren't you getting child support?”

10. “Can't you just have your ex watch your kid so you can go out?”

11. “I'm so jealous you get to date again.”

12. “I'm sure you'll meet someone great to be a new mom/dad to your kid.”

13. “You look tired.”

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