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Does your child have special needs, or are you worried they may? We've got you covered from the signs to look for to the health and education professionals who can help guide you along your way. 


      • ADHD in Girls
‚Äč• Study Suggests ADHD Diagnosis in Young Children May Be Autism 
 10 Tips to Take Control of ADD/ADHD 
• Fostering Resilience in Kids with ADHD


• Does Your Child Have Autism? 
• Good News About Autism
• 10 Tips for Parents of Autistic Kids
• How You Space Kids Could Affect Their Risk of Autism
The Rising Rate of Autism


• Special Camps for Special Kids
• Amazing Themed Summer Camps for Kids in NJ
How to Pick a Camp for Special Needs Kids

Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities

      • Diagnosing Dyslexia
• Help Dyslexic Children Learn
• How Dyslexia Derails Learning
• How to Spot a Learning Disability
• Homework Hand-holding - Disability or Dependency?
• How Learning Differences Affect Schoolwork
• What Learning Disabled Students Can Expect at College
• Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities


• Advocating for Your Special Needs Kid in School
• Socializing Special Needs Kids
• Helpline for Moms of Special Needs Kids


Language & Speech

• Suspect a Language Delay? Speak Up
• When Your Child Stutters
• Are Her Speech Milestones on Track?
• Talking Tips for Stutterers
• Is Your Child Frustrated and Inattentive?


                       • Special Needs Resources
• Special Needs Health and Medical Providers
• Special Needs Education Specialists
• Camps for Kids with Special Needs
• Specialized After School Programs for Kids With Special Needs 


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