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Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts

Fun Saint Patrick’s Day crafts for you and the kids


Rainbow Rice

Who wouldn't love this pretty rainbow. And it is so easy! Just dye your rice (food coloring and some rubbing alcohol), layer it in to the mason jar, add some cotton balls and decorate. This rainbow may end up being a year-round favorite.

Great Idea From: LynnaeMcCoy.com

Pot of Gold

This pot of gold is the perfect companion to the rainbow mason jar. (Don't you just love how mason jars make everything seem more special?) Paint the bottom of the jar black, put in the oven for about 15 minutes to seal the paint on and then add the golden chocolates. Maybe eat a few yourself!

Great Idea From: Polka Dot Chair 

Fruit Loop Rainbow

A nice easy rainbow the kids can really help with…if they are willing to part with their fruit loops. Draw a rainbow onto a piece of white construction paper. Have your child color in their rainbow before gluing on the Fruit Loops. Use black and yellow construction paper to make your pot of gold. To make your cloud, white construction paper and torn up coffee filters will work perfectly!

Great Idea From: The Bubbly Blonde Teacher

Handprint Rainbow

We're suckers for handprints, and the kids love rainbows. This project is a win-win. Have some baby wipes on hand to use for quick clean up between colors. Put washable fingerpaints on paper plates, let the kids dip and your rainbow will magically appear.

Great Idea From: Logan Family of 5

Shamrock Suncatcher

The sun is starting to come out and the snow is starting to melt, so why not make your own personal suncatcher! All you need is contact paper, glitter and ripped green tissue paper. Lay the contact paper down so the sticky side is face up. Then use your tissue paper and glitter to decorate the paper as you wish. Use another piece of contact paper to cover the other side and cut your shamrock shape and hang!  

Great Idea From: Hands on as We Grow 

St. Patrick’s Day Necklace

The kids always need more green things to wear to school on St. Patrick's Day, and these cute bracelets and necklaces can be made out of foam (use the pre-made shapes to save some hassle), yarn and green straws. Make holes with a hole puncher and thread the yarn through, and add some gems for a little extra bling.

Fun Idea From: Home Confetti 

Beaded Shamrock

This would make a pretty pin or necklace, or just a cute decoration for the holiday. You need beads and two chenille stems. Once you thread the beads on the stem, just twist to make the shape, and use the unbeaded stem to tie it all together.

For the full tutorial visit: Naturally Educational 

Lucky Clover Patch

Have the kids show what they’re lucky for by creating this simple craft! Get a block of styrofoam and cover it with green tissue paper (or wrapping paper). Use green cardstock and fringe the edges to create your grass and the clovers. Have your kids write what they’re lucky for on the clovers. The glue the clovers on to toothpicks and put them in the styrofoam block.

Cute idea from: Lisa Storms 

St. Patrick’s Day Garland

Hearts and four leaf clovers, make for super-cute garland. Cut out green strips using green construction paper or cardstock. Fold each strip in half and then turn them into hearts. Glue four hearts together to form your shamrocks and then string them together.

Awesome idea from: Createsie.com 

Leprechaun Straws

A simple, yet fun, way to make your straws festive. You will need a straw (green is preferred), orange cardstock or construction paper, mini glue dots (or some tape) and scissors. Draw your leprechaun mustache on the paper and cut it out. Use the glue dot to attach it to the straw and you have your very own leprechaun straw. Perfect for sipping on shamrock shakes or our Good Morning Smoothie.

Adorable idea from: Firefliesandmudpies.com 

Magic Leprechaun Finder

The kids want to go looking for their own pot of gold? Make a leprechaun finder. Cut two thick pieces of green paper out in the shape of a magnifying lens and cut a hole in the center. Cover the hole with either green saran wrap or a St. Patrick’s day treat bag. The more creative, the better chance of finding that leprechaun!

Great idea from: Happyhomefairy.com

Lucky Eraser Stamped Shirt

We love how easy it is to make these. Just grab a plain T-shirt (mix it up with a green one and white paint) and an outline of a four-leaf clover traced on to freezer paper. Just use some fabric paint dabbed onto a pencil eraser (thumbprints would also be cute) and you have a professional looking shirt in no time.

Awesome idea from: Cutesycrafts.com 

Buttoned Shamrock

Make that cut out shamrock even cuter by adding some buttons! Glue your buttons around the edges of any cut out shamrock. Let the kids have a good time with it.! If you want, you can add a safety pin to the back and make it into a pin.

Simple and easy idea from: motherhoodonadime.com 

Shamrock Pinwheel

Make your very own St. Patrick’s Day pinwheel! Fold your green construction paper twice in half and cut out the shape of the clover leaves. Fold over one corner and slightly bend the leaf to curve it. Then glue the shapes together. . Twist two pipe cleaners together, and then use a hole puncher to poke through the center of the flower.

Cute idea from: The Mother Huddle

Mosaic Shamrock

Love these festive shamrocks. Pretty, and a great way to get the kids working on cutting their shapes. Once they've cut assorted scrap paper into squares, just glue down until the shamrock is covered.

Great idea from: Happiness Is Homemade 

Lucky Charm Necklace

Make your own lucky charm. Use a salt dough mix (with some green food coloring) and roll flat on to a plan and cut out your shamrock shapes (freehand or use a cookie cutter). Make sure you put a big hole in the top (use a straw!) so you can hang it on ribbon after it is done baking in the oven.

Creative idea from: 2 Clever Blog 

Paper Plate Leprechaun

Guaranteed to give you a laugh, you just need a great picture of your kid! Paint and orange plate (or use some orange construction paper). Fringe for the beard, make a hat out of construction paper and put that giant cut out baby head right smack in the middle.

Great Idea From: All Kids Network

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