Red, White, and Blue Beans Flag Day Craft


Red White and Blue Bean Flag Day CraftHere's a fun, easy, and inexpensive craft you can make with your kids to celebrate Flag Day (June 14). All you need is a sheet of construction paper, glue, and dried beans to make the red, white, and blue of the American flag. My kids and I used kidney beans for the red, black beans for the blue, and northern beans for white, but any other beans of the right colors would work fine, too.

1. Trace out your flag in pencil. Indicate where the red and white stripes of the body of the flag are going to go, and add a rectangle for the blue and white stars area in the upper-left corner.

2. Put down stripes of glue. Ideally, you will have 13 horizontal glue stripes like the real flag (my kids only make it to 9 stripes before they've had enough bean-glueing fun).

For the stars of the flag, glue alternating blue and white beans. While an actual American flag has 50 stars, yours will most likely have fewer, but it will still look great.

3. Complete the flag with alternating stripes of solid red and solid white beans. Remember to start and end with red stripes like the real flag.

You can also use a printable American flag as a guide, and glue the beans accordingly.

Happy Flag Day! For more ideas, including a flag made from jelly beans, check out our Patriotic Holidays board on Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Anna Sandler.

What Flag Day or patriotic crafts have you made?

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