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Things to Do Without the Kids in December

Oh, what fun it is to have a night (or afternoon) out with your honey or friends!

Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

Treat yourself to what you really want this year.

Are Packed Schedules Overwhelming Our Kids?

How to know if your child is spread too thin between sports, classes and homework

8 New Year's Eve Dates You'll Love

Skip the house party this year, book a sitter and plan a big night out.

Girls’ Night Out Ideas In and Around NJ

Itching for a fun night with your girlfriends? Make a plan at one of these spots.

Group Fitness vs. Personal Training: What Is Right for You?

We had fitness pros weigh in on which workout works for your schedule.

What I Wish I Knew Before Adopting

One NJ mom shares her thoughts on what she learned about adopting two boys.

Time Out! Why Your Next Date Night or Girls Weekend Should Be in Lehigh Valley, PA

You’re due for some time off.

2017's Hottest Beauty Trends

Get the scoop from a hair and makeup beauty expert.

Liberty Science Center is Hosting a Spooky Sleepover for Halloween

Here’s what you need to know about the overnight, plus a host of other Halloween activities for kids and adults alike at the museum.

The Dirty Secret of Being an Empty Nester: It's Actually Fun!

Bonnie Klein, a mother of two and co-founder of daytripperuniversity.com, shares what life is really like after the kids go away to school.

The Best Facials for Your Skin Type

Do you suffer from dry skin, oily skin? There are different kinds of facials for every kind of skin type.

Time Out: Things to Do Without the Kids in August

Looking for a night out without the kids? Call a babysitter and enjoy these NJ activities this August.

This Life-Changing Video About Organizing Your Stuff Has Been Viewed 356 Million Times

Tip #3 will forever transform your closet.

Time Out: Things to Do Without the Kids in July

Looking for something to do this month without the kids in tow? Get your tyke-free fill of crafts, wine, food and music this July.

The Best Outdoor Dining Spots in NJ

These hot spots are perfect for your next date night

Stages of Dealing With a Picky Eater

Having a child who won't even eat a slice of pizza might bring you to the verge of tears. If you've been there, you'll recognize these stages of being the parent of a picky eater.

What to Know About Adult Braces

Considering straightening your teeth? It's not too late for orthodontics

8 Things You Don't Know About Botox

Consider these things before going under the needle.

10 Things I Know to Be True About Raising a Child with Autism

Eileen Shaklee, mom to a 12-year-old boy and the blogger behind Autism with a Side of Fries, shares some of the many things her son has taught her.

Perfect Gifts For Mom This Mother's Day

The thought definitely counts when it comes to Mother's Day, and while we treasure homemade gifts, these little presents would also be appreciated.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Skin Cancer Risk

You slather the sunscreen on the kids, but don't forget to take care of yourself.

Help! I’m Turning Into My Mother

That moment you realize that all your best intentions to do things differently than your mom failed.

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Parenting an Autistic Kid

Nothing really prepares you for parenting. Despite all the advice and reading you do, it’s still like an extreme form of culture shock.

Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe on a Budget

There’s nothing like shaking off the winter blues with a little retail therapy. Christie Maruka, a NJ-based stylist who helps dress celeb clients, shares her favorite spring finds under $50.

Time Out: Things to Do Without the Kids in April

If you can sneak away for a date night, a girl's night or a few hours on your own, here are our top picks for April.

Time Out: Things to Do Without the Kids in March

If you can sneak away for a date night, a girl's night or a few hours on your own, here are our top picks for March.

Time Out: 10 Things To Do Without the Kids

If you can sneak away for a date night, a girl's night or a few hours on your own, here are our top picks for February.

The Best Healing Massage Treatments

Whether you're feeling stiff from sitting in front of a computer all day, having chronic pain or just plain stressed, these treatments will help.

When They Start to Say Goodbye...Prepping for an Empty Nest

You may see the big picture stuff like graduations or getting a license as the signs your kid is getting ready to move on, but there are other signals that are much easier to miss.

Where to Get Blowouts in NJ

Take some time for yourself and get your hair blown out.

10 Things No One Tells You About Single Parenting

Yes, there are the obvious challenges that come from living on a single income—and the advantages of not having a full-time mini-me to watch (if you have shared custody), but there are so, so many other subtleties you’ve probably never even thought of.

I Tried the KonMari Declutter Method and It Worked (Sort Of)

Thinking of trying the KonMari organizing method? Here’s what happened when one busy working mom had enough of her clutter.

What I Did With My Engagement Ring After My Divorce

That beautiful engagement ring was so important, but after a divorce it's hard to look at it the same way. You don't want to wear it. So what do you do?

Are You Taking the Plunge? The Polar Bear Plunge, That Is!

There are lots of Polar Bear Plunges at the Jersey Shore starting on New Year's Day. Will you brave the icy cold Atlantic?

I Let My Child Take Flute Lessons: What Was I Thinking?

We want our kids to learn and try new things, but at what cost to our eardrums?

How to Have a Happy School Drop Off and Pickup in 10 Easy Steps

The privileged person’s guide to school drop-off. (Note: Don’t worry, none of the “rules” actually apply to you.)

13 Things Never to Say to A Single Parent

When chatting to your single parent friends -- please, please don’t say any of these things.

The Stages of Awareness When Your Kid Has Lice

It can’t possibly be your kid, until it is.

Dating In NJ: A Single Mom's Logistical Nightmare

As if juggling dating post-divorce custody schedules isn’t enough, add in the nightmare of meeting guys all around the state and see the reason I’m still single.

The Best Part of Parenting? Blaming Your Kid for Stuff

Think that parenting is all about shaping the next generation? It is. That, and having someone to blame for my bad taste in music.

I’m Scared to Tell My Kids About My First Marriage

One parent explains why telling her kids about her divorce at a young age is the hardest talk to have with them.

Why I Want My Daughter To Be Rejected (Sometimes)

Who is more upset when kids get cut from the team? The parents or the kids? Sometimes a little bit of rejection can lead to a kid's personal growth.

City Girl Turned Suburban Mom: How I Made the Switch

This mom tells the story of her rocky transition from NYC to the NJ ‘burbs and how she finally made peace with it all.

Beginning Again with a Third Kid

After years without diaper changes and late-night feedings we jumped back into babies.

Christmas Has Turned Me Into a Big, Fat Liar…. And I’m Fine With It

Spreading the Santa Myth… and Beyond

5 No-Cost Halloween Decorations

There are plenty of ways to decorate for the season without spending a dime—check 'em out!

8 Things I Wish I'd Known About Raising Boys

This mom-of-boys stuff can be a challenge. Here's what I've learned so far.

Eight Great Date Night Ideas

Looking for an alternative to dinner and a movie? Fall is the perfect time to explore an off-the-beaten-path idea.

Happy Days are Here Again

Sunny, Sandy, Summer Days? Is it true? I wonder. Really? At last?

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child

Sometimes, just sometimes, the best gift a parent can give is taking cues from her child about what he wants.

DIY Teacher Gifts

Make these DIY teacher gifts on your own–or with the help of your child!

Playdate Must-Haves

When a playdate goes bad, make sure you have some of these in your arsenal.

To the Mom Who Evil-Eyed My Son at the Playground

Don't miss a golden opportunity to teach your child something: different families have different rules.

When Lightning Strikes: Storm Safety

Here are the important safety tips to learn and follow yourself, as well as to teach your kids:

11 Cool Pool Games

Dolphin rides, Marco Polo, Fish Out of Water, and more pool games.

Toy Soldiers

What's your take on letting kids play with pretend weapons?

Easter and Spring Decor

Keep kids busy on their spring breaks with some simple crafts!

7 Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want

Easy-to-make and easy-to-please homemade housewarming presents.

Music Men

Baby Keith used to jam on his own internal drum, mommy's belly, before he was born.

Just checkin' in

If you're like me, at some point you've found yourself lying in bed at 12 am staring at your smartphone.

'Tough' Guys?

While our boys might like to play a tad bit rough, we do our best to let them know it's okay not to be tough.

My Date with Diane Sawyer

Last year around this time began one of the most surreal chapters of my family’s history.

Have You Let Yourself Go?

Our lives aren’t the same as they were before having kids, so why do we have to expend so much precious energy trying to look like they are?

Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Celebrations

New Year’s Eve isn’t often thought of as a family friendly celebration, but it can be.

School Roots

A peek inside my first parent-teacher conference

New Year's Resolutions for 2014

New Jersey Parenting Bloggers Tell Us Their New Year's Resolutions for 2014

TV Viewing for the Whole Family

What's your favorite show to watch with the whole family?

3 Great Advent Calendars for Kids

If your kids are already counting the days til Christmas, add to the anticipation with one of these fantastic Advent Calendars.

3 Great Holiday Books

The holiday season is a perfect time for slowing down and enjoying a good story with your kids.

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season for holiday fun, “NJ’s Favorite Kids’ Docs," and giveaways.

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! Here are two fun and easy Thanksgiving arts and crafts to make with your kids.

DIY Thanksgiving Décor

There are lots of ways you can decorate your home for the season for less by using what you already have around the house, or by crafting items to keep costs low.

The Secret to Extended Family Harmony

Would you do this to your relatives during the holidays?

Rethinking Thanksgiving Dinner

The secret to raising happy, healthy kids

DIY Green Cleaners: How They Fared a Year Later

Here’s a review of which highly rated cleaners stood the test of time and which ones got the boot.

Where to Trunk or Treat in New Jersey

Have you been to a Trunk or Treat? These fun events have kids trick-or-treat from car to car instead of house to house!

It's Thanksgivukkah!

On Thursday, November 28, a very special holiday will be celebrated in some homes.

Facing the Inevitable

Are you qualified to be a parent?

2 Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts

Make fun—and spooky—crafts with your kids. Here are a couple to try out!

Cyberbullying: Protecting Your Child Online

Did you know October is National Bullying Prevention Month? Learn how you can how protect your kids.

2 Great Fall Foliage Crafts

Try out these easy (and fun) foliage crafts that work for all ages.

Columbus Day Events in NJ

Columbus Day is Monday, October 14, and there are fun, family-friendly events all weekend long.

People of the Fall

And here we are: October

Fall Fun: Mercer County Festivals and Events

Looking for some fun? We've got a big list of fall events coming up in Mercer County.

5 Great Artwork Picks for Kids Rooms

Decorate your kids rooms with artwork in styles from traditional to modern.

7 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier

Getting out the door on time is never easy, but with these tips in mind it may finally be possible.

Off to School!

Summer's over, it's time to pack the lunch bags and backpacks!

Highpointing with Kids

Have you been to the highest point in New Jersey?

How to Save Kids' School Papers and Artwork

It's the beginning of the school year, and that means lots of papers and artwork arrive home, which you need to find a way to organize and save.

Three Ways to Fit in Family Fun after Homework

Follow this plan to fit family time in after school and in between homework.

12 Great Blueberry Recipes

Blueberries are the state fruit of New Jersey and one of summer's great pleasures.

“Dog” Days of Summer?

Make the most of the so-called “dog days” of summer.

5 Ways to Stay Organized for Back-to-School

Looking to keep your family organized this school year? Try following these tips.

Is Motherhood Making You Bald?

We know that after giving birth, a woman can shed hair faster than a dog in summertime, but does it ever go back to normal?

Back-to-School Backpacks for Every Age

Backpacks are essential for carrying home A's! Find the best one for your child.

Great Kids Gear and Toys for Your Next Road Trip

Heading out on a vacation soon? Check out great picks for kids to make your road trip or airplane ride a happy one.

Things Your Mother Said: Part 2

Sometimes uttering Mommy phrases such as, "Because I said so!"? is okay, but sometimes it's not! Listen to what Lynda Ackerman, PsyD thinks about it.

Gardening with Kids

Planting and tending to a garden can be a great summer activity for kids, and it's not too late!