DIY Thanksgiving Décor

As Thanksgiving nears, there are lots of ways you can decorate your home for the season for less by using what you already have around the house or by crafting items to keep costs low.

Thankful BannerThrifty Thanksgiving Mantle

One way I decorated for the season without spending much money is by creating a Thanksgiving Thankful Banner with my kids. I started my banner out by finding some poster paper (construction paper would work, too), a hole puncher and some twine. I then found a beautiful leaf from the backyard to trace. After tracing my leaf a few times onto paper of different colors, I cut out leaves for a beautiful collection of paper autumn leaves. My kids and I each took a few of our paper leaves and wrote down with some Sharpie pens what we are thankful for (“family,” “our house,” and “weekends,” for example). We then punched a hole into each leaf and strung them onto a length of twine to create our banner. The new banner looks great hanging from our fireplace mantle.

Another thrifty item gracing our fireplace mantle is a stretched burlap canvas that I decorated with autumn stickers. (I got the frame and stickers from my local craft store; you can see the finished canvas on my blog, Mom Home Guide.) The scene on the canvas includes some of my favorites like sunflowers, scarecrows and autumn pumpkins.

Autumn Votives

A fun way to add ambiance to your Thanksgiving table or décor is to include some autumn-themed candles. I made my own autumn candles by placing autumn tree nuts (I am not sure what kind of nuts they are!) that my kids and I had found under a local tree in mason jars and nestling a votive candle in each jar. I then tied some twine around each jar for a finishing touch. My kids and I are happy with how our fall votive candles came out!

Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving wreaths and door décor are inexpensive items that you can craft for your home this Thanksgiving. Something I just love is the Thanksgiving turkey door décor that blogger Renee of the blog, Living, Laughing and Loving, made for her home. She crafted a paper cutout of a turkey, complete with beautiful scrapbook paper feathers. I love that idea since I have plenty of scrapbook paper in my house!

A new trend is to use an inexpensive or upcycled picture frame to create Thanksgiving wall or door décor. Just remove the glass from the frame and use items of your choosing to decorate your frame. For example, you can suspend the work “Thanks” or some acorns in the center of your frame and decorate the outside of your frame with craft store leaves or some burlap. For example, blogger Megan of blog, Wades of 108, created a beautiful autumn-themed picture frame wreath by suspending some mini pumpkins and some pinecones in the center of a vibrantly painted orange frame. Very pretty!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. For more inexpensive Thanksgiving décor, be sure to check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest board. Enjoy your holiday!

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