Gardening with Kids

Planting and tending to a garden can be a great summer activity for kids, and it's not too late!

Gardening With KidsThis summer has been a big summer for gardening in my family. Earlier this summer, I added a new flower garden on the southern side of my home. My daughters love helping me care for and water the garden. Earlier, in the spring, they helped me plant the peas that we enjoyed in our vegetable garden this spring/early summer, and helped me plant our tomatoes, as well.

Beat Summer Boredom with Gardening

Planting and tending a garden can be a great summer activity for kids. My daughters were the best at picking (and eating) the peas earlier this summer, and they are wonderful at letting me know when plants are getting parched and could use some water. Surprisingly enough, my daughters even enjoy pulling weeds for me! They adore proving that they are able to get the weeds up at the root and enjoy showing off the pile of weeds that they’ve pulled.

Not Too Late to Start

If you haven’t started a garden yet, it’s not too late to start. You and your kids can start a small patch of flowers with later-flowering perennials like lilies and Black-Eyed Susans, which you might be able to find on clearance now at your local nursery or garden store. (Planting in a raised garden bed, like the one I have for my family’s vegetable garden, can make starting a garden much easier. )

This month, you could also try starting a small vegetable patch by planting seeds for fall salad greens like lettuce, spinach and arugula.

Tips for Getting the Kids Involved

  1. Include Everyone – Even a small job like caring for a plant or two can give your child pride and a sense of ownership.
  2. A  Patch of Their Own - Consider giving each child her own tiny garden plot to plant and tend. Your kids can even make their own garden markers to identify their garden patches. (You can check my Pinterest board for a variety of garden markers your children can make.)
  3. Gear Up – You might want to give your child his or her own gardening supplies, such as his or her own watering can and garden shovel. For one birthday, friends gave my girls their own Melissa and Doug gardening bags complete with little trowels and a plastic watering can, and they love them!

Prep for Spring

Every October, I plant tulip bulbs for the following spring. This year, I plan to get my daughters involved and let them plant a few bulbs, too. I know that when the tulips bloom in the spring, they will be so excited and proud!


Share your planting tips and tricks with me in the comments below, or on my MomHomeGuide Facebook or Google+ page. I am always looking for new ideas!

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