March 2016

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How to Talk to Teens About Sex

New studies show it’s the most effective when it comes from, you guessed it...Moms.


Why It's So Important for Teens to Get Sleep

Everyone knows getting enough sleep is super important—but here’s why it’s even more critical for teenagers.

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Post-Prom Bacchanal at the Shore: Why Do NJ Parents Allow It?

Why do parents let their unsupervised teens head down the Shore after prom?

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New Reasons to Limit Screen Time

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to limit the time our kids spend using electronics, here’s another way they negatively affect kids’ health.


7 Ways To Help Your Teen Score a Great Internship

If he’s interested in spending his summer working next to (and learning from) professionals, an internship might be a good option. Follow these steps to make sure he lands a good one!

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Vaping: What You Should Know About This Trend

Are your teens vaping? They may be, as e-cig usage has tripled among teens in the past year.


How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Messy Rooms

It’s a mark of true “teenagerdom.” Clothes, papers, books and even food (eek!) everywhere. Here’s how to get his disaster area clean and actually keep it that way.


NJ Teen Drug Use By the Numbers

Ever wonder how many teenagers really abuse drugs and alcohol in the Garden State? Here are the statistics.

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