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How Much Do You Spy on Your Teen?

When it comes to your kids, are you super chill or super sleuth? Take our quiz to find out.

Got Any Hamilton Fans at Home? This Liberty Hall Museum Teen Event is A Can’t Miss

Sign them up for a celebration of all things Alexander Hamilton on February 3

Best NJ Performing Arts Programs

Good performing arts training makes all the difference. Whether your teen is interested in acting, musical theater or comedy, these New Jersey-based programs will help them step confidently into the spotlight.

Giving Back

What motivates teens to give back?

Communicating in the Information Age

Technology is here to stay, so parents need to help kids incorporate it into their lives in a way that enhances it and keeps them safe.

Tips for Better Communication with Your Teen

If you and your teen have a disconnect in your relationship, it may be time to explore how you can communicate more effectively.

Is your teen addicted to social media?

How changes in media habits could transform your child’s mental health

Popularity Pressures

How to help your kids realize it all vanishes after graduation

Teen Esteem

What's one of the biggest influencers on a child's sense of self? The answer might surprise you.

Why Facebook Is Dangerous For Kids

The downsides of the emergence of online social networks.

Teen Curfews

How parents can successfully set a curfew, the time-honored source of friction

Are Today’s Teenagers Doomed?

Young adults less interested in community issues, politics and environment, finds new research

What Teen Girls Really Do on Instagram

Is emotional intelligence suffering among teens due to too much time online?

Learning to Love

How to Support Your Teen’s Romantic Relationships.

Must Dos for Parents of Tweens and Teens

Check out this simple list of how you can better relate, and manage, your teen.