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Protect Them from Summer Heat

High temps bring new health risks.


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When the temperature and humidity soar, heat illnesses become real threats. Here’s how to keep them safe with tips from the AAP:

•  Plan outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s cooler. If you don’t have AC—or if it’s on the fritz—head to the mall or library to cool off during the hottest time of day.

•  Keep kids hydrated, especially while playing sports. Your child should drink four to eight ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes. Sports drinks are fine, too, if the activity lasts more than an hour.

•  Watch for signs of heat illness such as:

Heat exhaustion (heavy sweating, paleness, cool skin): Move your child to a cool place, have her sip water and give her a cool shower or bath. Seek medical care if symptoms worsen or last longer than an hour.

Heat stroke (high body temperature, hot and red skin, no sweating, dizziness, confusion): This is an emergency. Call 911 and move your child to a cooler place. Bring his temperature down with loose clothes and a cool shower or bath until help arrives.


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