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Prepping Her for Spring Allergy Season

'Tis the season! These tips will help you both fight her sniffles.



Get ready: your kid's seasonal allergies are about to kick into high gear as trees, the most common springtime allergy triggers, start pollinating. Peak season varies from year to year, but you can track specific pollen counts using the National Pollen Bureau website (pollen.aaaai.org). Here’s what you can do to ease your child’s sniffles:

• Start her allergy medications two to three weeks before symptoms typically begin.

• Keep your child indoors after school on the worst days, and close windows at home and in the car to keep pollen out.

• After playing outside, have her shower and wash her hair to eliminate breathing in pollen overnight.

• Bathe your pets at least twice a month to reduce allergens they bring indoors on their coats.


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