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Needles Found in Halloween Candy in New Jersey

Check your candy carefully. Two cases of needles in Halloween candy have been reported in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


UPDATE: While police are still investigating the cause of the pins in the candy in PA, the Gloucester candy tampering is said to be a hoax. The homeowner who called in the report, allegedly put the needles in his own candy and called in a false report


Your mom always warned you about checking Halloween candy for razors and needles, and she was right. There have been two cases reported so far of needles spotted in Halloween treats in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

A Kennet Square, PA man found sharp objects like sewing pins in multiple pieces of his children's trick or treat bag this year, specifically in Twix and Snickers bars.

Now there's another report out of Gloucester City, where a woman reports that she found a needle in the candy her kids brought home from Woodbury Heights. She posted pictures of the candy (found in a Snickers Almond Bar).

Authorities still don't know if the tampering was done by a homeowner, at the factory or somewhere in between. They are encouraging people who find candy that appears tampered with to bring it to their local police department. We've got tips for how to check if your candy is at risk.

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