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The Benefits of Boarding School


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Boarding schools get a pretty bad rap. In book after book, movie after movie, they’re depicted as cold, isolating environments. The parents who send their kids to boarding schools are portrayed as neglectful and selfish, and the students themselves are portrayed as ill-behaved if not criminally inclined. But the reality of boarding school couldn’t be more different than the pop culture versions.

It’s not an easy decision to allow your children to live away from home, and boarding school isn’t right for every child, but there are some compelling aspects to a boarding school education. If your family is considering boarding school as an option, look beyond the fiction and learn about the real-life benefits. In a recent survey conducted by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), five areas stood out as the most beneficial. Here are the highlights from the TABS survey:  

Academic Promise

More than 60 percent of students enroll in boarding schools because of the promise of better education, and more than 90 percent say their boarding schools are academically challenging. Furthermore, boarding school students spend more than twice as many hours (17 vs. 8) a week on homework than their peers in public schools.

24-Hour Learning 

Across the board, boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than other students, whether they’re exercising and playing sports (12 hours vs. 9 hours), engaging in creative endeavors like music and painting (6 hours vs. 4-5 hours), or participating in student government and club activities (35 percent vs. 27 percent). 

Boarding schools offer leadership opportunities—>

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