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Help Reduce Teen Stress Before it Grows


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teen stressAll of us, young and old, experience stress at certain times in our lives. It’s how much stress we encounter and how we deal with it that can determine whether or not it’s a problem. Adolescence can be a time of extreme stress, and many teens need help learning how to manage it.

Stress, otherwise known in more medical terms as the “flight or fight” response, increases our heartbeats, speeds our metabolism, and heightens our awareness. A little stress can be good, keeping us in tune with our surroundings. If these stressors last for long periods of time, though, they can keep us in a constant state of tension. They begin to wear on us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What is She Stressed About?

What’s stressful for one teen may not bother another teen at all. For this reason, pay attention to your child’s feelings about different things. Stressors can come from both internal and external sources, examples of which are listed next.

Your teen may be experiencing one or more of the following.—>

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