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November 2011

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Garden State Model Railway Club's Open House

The Garden State Model Railway's model train exhibit features a miniature set-up with moving part.

How to Host Out-of-Town Guests (Without Going Insane)

Get a game plan when company comes to visit over the holidays

Varying Arsenic and Lead Levels in Juice Raises Concern

Analysis of fruit juices shows that children can be at an unnecessary risk to levels of arsenic and lead.

How to Buy a Christmas Tree

Follow these guidelines when buying a freshly cut Christmas tree in New Jersey.

Jersey Cares Annual Coat Drive

Companies, churches, police stations, schools, and other organizations and individuals lead collection drives for donated coats.

10 “Clean” Foods to Always Put in Your Shopping Cart

Many families turn to quick, pre-packaged foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dr. Jonathan Wright, coauthor of Eating Clean For Dummies®, says these foods don’t pack the nutritious punch our bodies need. Fortunately, he offers healthful alternatives.

The Black Friday Frenzy—17 Tips to Help You Keep Your Holiday Spending Under Control

Don't let holiday shopping ruin all of the savings you've done throughout the year. Here are tips to keep your holiday spending in check.

New Jersey Ranks Third Highest in Second Annual 'Index of Family Belonging and Rejection'

New Jersey ranks third highest in the country for most intact families according to Family Research Council's Marriage & Religion Research Institute (MARRI) in its annual Index of Family Belonging and Rejection.

Math Anxiety—A Real Problem, Or Just an Excuse?

Early difficulties in math, even when minor in nature, cause frustration and difficulty later on.

Turkey Prices Soar: Tips to Making Thanksgiving Dinner for Less

That big turkey dinner won't just put you to sleep this year; it'll also cost you an arm and a wing.

First Lady Mary Pat Christie Unveils New Jersey’s 2011 National Christmas Tree Ornament

First Lady Mary Pat Christie today unveiled the State’s 2011 National Christmas Tree ornament during a visit to the Amanda’s Easel Art Studios.

Turkey Monster Thanksgiving

Pizza for Thanksgiving? That's what Katie's been having since her parents got divorced.