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May 2016

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Playground Spotlight: Colonial Park in Somerset

Morgan Pellowski Playground has the perfect mix of climbing structures, cool new attractions and hiking trails.

10 Things to Teach Your Kids Before Camp

Making a bed, spotting poison ivy and more.

What Bullying in NJ Is Doing to Your Kids

How is bullying affecting your kids' mental health?

Do Unhappy Kids Make for Unhappy Adults?

New studies show that young kids with mental health conditions will have a harder time once they hit adulthood.

Is Your Kid Seeing the Right Doctor?

Is your kid struggling with mental health issues? Do they need more than a primary care physician? When you should consider a switch.

What You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Have you tried eyelash extensions? Why they are our new obsession.

Unique Places to Host a Birthday Party

Can’t bear to host another birthday party at the family fun center? We hear you. Break out of the rut, and plan your kid’s next fête at one of these out-of-the-box party places instead.

Amazing Places Near New Jersey For An Overnight Sleepover

Give your kid a night to remember with an overnight visit at one of these unforgettable museums, zoos and aquariums.

Does Your Child Have a Speech Delay?

Is your child speech-delayed? Should you be worried? Here’s what you need to know.

New Jersey Family's 25th Anniversary

How time flies! This month, NJ Family turns 25!

Cool New Ways to Show Off Your Family Tree

Want to remember great-grandpa Joe? Here's a new, pretty way to get those off of an old graph in a journal and on to your walls.

Places Kids Eat Free In NJ

Family dinner out is always a highlight—but somehow it tastes better when the kids are free! Every day of the week, restaurants all over the state offer free meal deals for children under 12—Here’s your guide to when to go where.