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May 2012

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How to Throw a Superhero Party Worthy of the Avengers

Here's how to take a party from blah to superhero BLAMO!

How and Why to Host a Party for Two Kids at Once

With kids’ parties becoming bigger, grander affairs, double parties let moms share the workload—and the expense.

Ongoing Goings-on Around New Jersey

We've found some goings-on that are ongoing--some daily, some weekly--so you can drop-in on a day that works for the whole family.

The Jungle Book App

Disney Publishing releases its newest app "The Jungle Book" based on the classic 1967 animated film.

The New Nanny: Tablets and Other Mobile Devices that Teach and Entertain Kids

As the popularity of tablets increases, a new study from Nielsen shows that mobile devices are increasingly valued for their ability to help children learn, improve performance on tests, and engage academically.

Dog Bites and Kids

Should the treatment of a dog bite go beyond the emergency room?

Free Family Fun: 10 Events at No Cost

This week's event roundup includes all free events. So what've you got to lose? Certainly not your money!

Special Needs Motherhood: Are You Mom Enough?

Where does the special needs parenting community fit into The Mommy Wars? The answer: We don't.

The Economics of Autism

How does having a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affect parental employment and income?

Kylie's Special Treat: A Food Allergy Fairy Tale

Here's a whimsical fairy tale for children ages 4–8 highlighting the fact that kids with food allergies can live happily ever after.

Could Your Child Have Food Allergies?

If you suspect that your child has the symptoms described here and/or a tingly, itchy mouth or throat during or after a meal, see an allergy specialist.

Top 10 Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Jacob and Sophia take top spot for most popular baby names of 2011.