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Leprechaun Tricks

Surprise your kids on St. Patrick’s Day with a visit from magical and mischievous leprechauns.



Surprise your kids on St. Patrick’s Day with a visit from magical and mischievous leprechauns.

Leave Your Mark:

Leave tiny leprechaun footprints by painting the side of your hand and pressing it down to make the foot, then add tiny toes with painted fingertips.

Or, let the leprechauns add some holiday cheer to your water supply. To turn water green, remove the screens from the faucets, add color tablets just inside, then close them again. Kids won’t believe their eyes when the water runs green!(For a detailed how-to, visit stevespangler.com)

Leprechauns are notorious for the havoc they wreak, so don’t skimp out when it comes to making a mess. Leave cabinets and drawers wide open with contents pouring out, rearrange furniture, and flip chairs, lampshades, and wastepaper baskets upside down.

Substitute regular soap for green soap, and unravel toilet paper so that it’s strewn throughout the room. Grab a green eyeliner pencil or lipstick and write playful messages from the leprechaun on the mirror and, if your children are especially sound sleepers, draw kiss marks and four-leaf clovers on their faces while they slumber.

Using the side of your hand and green washable paint, leave a trail of tiny leprechaun footprints across an easy-to-clean surface—think tile flooring—leading toward a door or window. (Note: If paint is one mess you don’t want to clean up, use green chalk to draw footsteps on your driveway or sidewalk.) Wedge a piece of green fabric in the hinge, and tell your kids that the leprechaun must have torn his jacket while making his great escape.

Don’t forget—these mischief-makers are also quite magical, so feel free to be liberal with your use of glitter.

Leprechaun Food:

Just as you transformed the bathroom sink into a St. Patrick’s Day fountain, take to the kitchen and turn your water, milkeggs and whatever else green (purchasing some green bagels at your nearby supermarket is another viable, time-saving option). Swap out the regular Oreos from the box in favor of mint green Oreos, and, if you’re feeling really ambitious, remove all of the marshmallows from your pantry’s box of Lucky Charms—your kids will think the leprechaun stopped in for a “magically delicious” midnight snack.

The Pot of Gold:

Irish folklore tells us that when leprechauns aren’t frolicking about playing tricks, they spend their days consumed by another favorite hobby—shoemaking and mending. These pint-sized cobblers are fanatical about footwear, so take the time to arrange your children’s shoes in neat rows. Replace ordinary shoelaces with green ones, and transform sneakers and boots into mini pots of gold by filling them with chocolate gold coins.

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