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Cold Weather Safety Tips

Make the most out of Jersey winter weather by getting them outside and keeping them safe


Whether they're building snow forts or hitting the slopes, here's how to keep them protected from the elements.

• Layer, layer, layer! Kids lose body heat faster than adults, so dress her in one more layer than you’d dress yourself.

• Make sure his head, neck and hands are always covered. Avoid scarves and hood strings that can get wrapped too tightly around his neck.

• Give them lots of water to regulate their body temperature; it’s easier to get dehydrated in cold weather.

• If it’s over 30 degrees, bring the kids in every 40 minutes or so for a break, and more often if it’s colder.

• If her skin looks gray, pale or blistered, it may be frostbite. Bring her inside and put the affected area in warm water—not hot.

• Watch for signs of hypothermia, like shivering, slurred speech and uncharacteristic clumsiness. If you think your child is affected, call 911.

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