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January 2016

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How to Stop a Nosebleed

Does your kid get a lot of nosebleeds? Here's how to stop it. Fast.

Safe Sledding Tips

Sledding is clearly one of the most fun parts of winter. But low temps, high speeds and uncertain terrain can sometimes result in nasty (and preventable!) trips to the ER. Make sure you’re heeding these safety tips this season.

Best Apps to Predict Snow Days

Want to know if we're in for a blizzard or just a flurry? Try these great apps to predict the odds of school getting canceled.

Parenting Mistakes: How Bad Are They Really?

Do you argue in front of the kids, let them skip brushing their teeth or let them have a sip of alcohol? We've all made these parenting mistakes at one point. We asked the experts to put them in context for us—are they mostly no big deal, or are we dooming our kids to a lifetime of therapy?

Best Fitness Trackers for Kids

Help get the kids more into fitness by making it fun. These activity trackers are just for them and perfect for their little wrists.

9 Secrets To Losing the Baby Weight

No matter how old your “baby” is, shedding the pounds that came with pregnancy can take a long, long time. Still have some weight to lose? We asked the experts for tips that will make all the difference.

Amazing Themed Summer Camps for Kids in NJ

Whether your kids are aspiring chefs, horseback riding champions or just want an amazing summer—start with what they love and you’re guaranteed a great time.

Living In Readington

The Doyle family shares their experience about living in Readington, NJ.