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Is Writing Still Relevant?


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writing in schoolThe handwriting is on the wall in New Jersey—or not, as the case may be. New Jersey is one of a majority of states that accepts the Common Core Standards for English, which has omitted cursive writing as a required part of the curriculum. As a result, many school districts are debating whether to spend valuable instructional time teaching penmanship. 

Proponents of cursive instruction contend that while many students have learned how to use the keyboard, there are still many occasions when they will need to write information, both in school and out. In addition, they say, poor handwriting mechanics can interfere with written expression. A student who finds handwriting difficult and tedious may resist written tasks.   

Those who argue for reducing handwriting instruction maintain that students are better served by learning keyboarding skills and focusing on math and reading during the time previously spent on penmanship. 

Whichever side prevails, the reality is that the era of spending 30 minutes a day practicing cursive is gone. 

What can you expect in terms of penmanship lessons?—>

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