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February 2011

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Birthdays On A Budget

With some planning, you can put on a fun-filled party that stays within your budget and one your birthday child will enjoy.

Planning Your Child’s Birthday Bash

Here are some easy birthday party ideas and tips to pull off your child’s favorite occasion without a hitch.

10 Great Ideas for Birthdays

Looking for ways to celebrate your child's next birthday? Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

Tackling Tooth Decay: A Disease Risk for Every Child

Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease. Since every child is at risk, how do you prevent and manage a disease like this? Brush, floss, visit the dentist, and follow this advice.

Fun Reading Activities That Bring Snowy Stories to Life

Reading just 10 to 15 minutes a day with your children can help ignite a love of books and language.

Tips for Parents on Cyberbullying

Parents need to be aware of their kids' Internet and texting habits, and teach them to use online social outlets properly and safely.

5 Tips to Keep Up With Your Little Mover

With only a few lifestyle changes, your baby's exciting milestones don't have to be accompanied by crazy days, puffy eyes, and fast food dinners.

Adventurous Summer Options for Teens

Here are some summer adventure programs your teen may might enjoy.

Job Hunting 101 for Teens

It’s not too early for your teen to start looking for a summer job.

Smart Moves: Taking College Courses in High School

In terms of jump-starting the transition to college, taking college classes in high school really is a smart move.

Teens Continue to Binge with Booze

The rate of binge drinking among teenagers seems to have held steady in the last few years.

Study Websites that Help with Academics

Kids accustomed to having an array of electronic devices at their fingertips probably won’t respond well to neolithic study tools such as flash cards. That’s why online learning websites are launching interactive curricula to help with academics.